A New Journey In Time 

Currently I work for a sales and marketing company. However, they do not treat the employees well, given us opportunity for growth or advancement and expect us to travel a long way with no reimbursement for time and care maintenance (and very little for gas). The company has gone bankrupt and they are treating us worse and worse, and literally watching our every move. They track exactly where we are in the store at every second we are there. When I started I didn't have to travel to far, there was a nice variety, I was trusted to go in and do my job, and there was some flexibility. I was also told that there was opportunity to advance and grow. The opportunity to advance and grow never existed and everything else has been stripped away. I can no longer take it. So, I've been off this week, and I've taken that opportunity to apply for a bunch of jobs. Some I've been appropriately qualified for, some, I have experience from what I've been doing, but not so sure I'm actually qualified for. How-ever, I've read many stats that say women tend to apply for jobs they are qualified for, while men apply and get hired for jobs they are only about 60% qualified for. The worst thing they can do is say no, or not call me at all right? 


     Today I had an interview at a marketing agency. I wasn't sure if I was overqualified, or way under qualified for the position, but I decided to go for it anyways. The CEO was quite nice and we have a love for nature hikes/walks in common. The first thing he did was a double take when he saw my eye shadow and said he liked it. Last night I realized that the tattoo on my hand my present an issue. But I was like, I love it, I'm not getting rid of it, and if they don't like it, they don't have to hire me. But I went in there, and the CEO I met with… He also has a tattoo on his hand! I was quite surprised by that actually. This company started in the UK. Long story short, it has only been in my area for 3 weeks. They are a company that seems like we are headed in a similar direction. My hearts desire is to learn new skills and empower others to grow in who they are and their dreams. This company trains people to be well rounded, then learn how to train others to do the same. The interview was only about 10-15 minutes though. Plus, you can't really know how a company truly operates until you work for them. He said everyone would hear back as to whether or not we are to come in for a 2nd interview by this evening, as he said there were 20 other people interviewing for the same 2 positions as I did. However, it felt like I will be called back in because he asked me if the time worked and had to make a conscious effort to say if. But we shall see. Pay and different things will be discussed in the 2nd interview because apparently their system is different and it takes a bit to explain the companies structure. 


     I don't know what I'm hoping to happen. I just know I need out of my current company ASAP. I would also love to find a job that will help with my skill development that I can apply to my business. Preferably something that pays a little more, that way I can increase my investment column and improve upon assets, so that I can eventually grow my business to what I desire, as well as truly help people. Poor people, can't really help the poor very well. So, I'm excited to learn new skills, help more people and have new adventures! Currently, I sit, writing to you from Denny's. The waitress is so sweet. Before my interview I was able to talk a short walk and listen to some of my audio book. The past week or so I've been super fascinated by houses and ways of living in the 1800's. I even found an interview from 1977 with a 108 year old woman who started a makeup company. That's INCREDIBLE because in the 1800's it was unheard of for women to work unless they were nurses of teachers! Unfortunately, all I could find was the 3.5 minute clip. But I'm digging deeper into history and the future so help myself, and help others. It really feels like the season of my life is shifting, and I'm excited and ready! Thank you for sharing this journey with me. You are valuable and I appreciate you! Ok, off to the grocery store and run errands. I'll keep you guys updated. Until then, Dream Big and TAKE ACTION!

remodeling the house we call our hearts 

 Today I'm excited! I just went for a walk by the water and had a productive morning. I'm not sitting at my favorite place to work… A bubble tea shop. I ordered a taro passion fruit popping boba milk tea, and cheese momo (update- it's a dumpling. If you like pasta you'd probably really enjoy it. I just thought it was ok, as I'm not that big on pasta). I don't really know what momo is, but I wanted bubble tea while I write this blog. So, I'm trying something new! I absolutely love Christmas, and that is why I'm excited… It's December 7th and I have a day full of Christmas!! I'm going to watch White Christmas at the movie theater, then I'm going out of town to watch a tree lighting ceremony, get some peppermint hot chocolate, go on a carriage ride, do a castle tour (that's decorated for Christmas). After that, I'll have dinner and get some more work done. Depending on how tired I am, I might also watch Elf. We'll see on that one (update, I did not watch Elf). 


     I had a group of friends that were going to go, but plans changed, and I'm alone all day. But I'm still so happy. I can spend time, not just alone…but out and about doing activities along, and be incredibly happy because I put over a decade of work in to self improvement. Because of that, I've been able to help a multitude of people do things like conquer stage fright, dare to pick up dreams they thought they left behind, feel their worth and more. But sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm doing enough. Sometimes those people come up to me and tell me how much I helped them, and it's hard to say thank you, because I'm like, I didn't do anything, you did it all. 


     It's like someone sees me polishing my ruby, then they're like, ooooo. That's so shiny, I'm going to try that technique to polish my emerald! They do it and, and it makes it shinier. They thank e for inspiring them to do it, and I'm like, I didn't do anything. I don't know what you are talking about, it was all you, I don't see I had a part in it at all. 


     When I've done this, it's because I'm looking at the trash can overflowing with junk in the garage. That trash being all my mistakes and failures. And I'm sitting there going, yeah, you think I'm great because you don't really know me. You haven't seen the garage yet. If you really knew all of me, you would think less of this technique, and maybe even not want to use it anymore, because you would see all the trash.  But in reality, I put in over a decade to gut my house, remodel and get rid of trash. God collected that trash, and it's no longer even in the trash can, He burned it. What I'm seeing is just a memory, and I' the only one that sees it. I may still have some trash here and there because I still make mistakes, but that trash can never fills up anymore. Because I know how to get rid of it, and I do regular upkeep so it doesn't fill up. Trash is never laying around the house anymore. So people are watching me through clean windows, or coming into my house and see clearly, because they are no longer having to look over the piles of trash, or go through a maze of construction. There's no more dirt and debris clouding the windows. There's only memories of remodeling. No one else can see those memories (unless they were helping with the remodel). So all they see is this because ruby being polished and the technique I'm using to make it shine so bright. And they see the gorgeous house I'm doing it in. All I need to do is turn around, and stop looking at the trash can in the garage, and just enjoy what I'm doing now, and the people around me. 


                                          (There's a Nutcracker in the window)

     You  made it through this blog, so I know that means you are willing to do that hard work to get your house in order. And let me tell you, that house is beautiful, and the process of remodeling is a beautiful thing as well!

                                            castle built in the 1800's


                                       The dining room ceiling. the dark is wood, and the light is hand painted to look like wood!

                                      The dining room chairs were purchased from Monks.


                                           Kitchen recently remodeled, but the put all their appliances inside of cabinets. This is the fridge.

                                             The living room was decorated to look like after the party with 1/2 eaten cookies, and intimates strewn about.



                                        Little gazebo. This land is large enough that it has TWO trains, one for kids, one for adults!


                                          Saw this on my way to the tree lighting ceremony


                                         Waiting for the tree lighting ceremony to start was a beautiful sunset.

                                               The band played. The tuba had a big red bow, and the drums were decorated with colorful lights!

                                                   On my way to the carriage ride. This business knocked it out of the park!


 I hope you enjoyed that little adventure of time travel with me! Thank you for staying until the end!!


Leave a comment below,by clicking right under the date, with whether or not you can relate.

Why I don't set New Years resolutions 

 It's that time of year. We're approaching the end of 2019, and the buzz of resolutions are resounding. Especially this year as we enter a new decade. The chatter is loud as people proclaim that THIS is going to be the year they lose weight. Or THIS is going to be the year they start that business, and so many other resolution. The questions fly, so what's your resolution this year? Everyone gives their answers of new diets and next great idea inventions, or MLM opportunities, or whatever. It gets around to me. My turn to answer, and every year it is the same. And every year is an answer that shocks people. Something they just can't wrap their minds around, so they either look at me with their mouths wide open to the ground not knowing what to say. Or, better yet, they give me the look of "poor thing" and say "oh" in a patronizing tone. 


     So what it my answer that causes so much confusion? I don't have any resolutions. I don't make them. I'm sure you are thinking. "Wait… what? But, you always have goals your working towards, you are a driven entrepreneur. I don't get it". But that's just it. You just answered your own question. 


     Still confused? That's ok. Most people are. When there is something I want to do, I don't wait, I take action. And I don't talk about doing it, I just do it. Then I talk about either what I'm doing in the process, or the results of the actions I've already taken. You see, there are a lot of people talking about making changes, but that's all the further it gets. They are far too busy talking about it to actually do it. They want to make themselves look good, but then when it comes time to put in the work, they either quickly give up, or decide it's too hard before they even start. That's why you see so many resolutions fail before January is even over. 


      To accomplish the thing you set out to do 3 things need to happen for it to be successful. 1. small goals need to be set and build on those. Example… people set the resolution to start a diet and go to the gym on January 1st so they can loose 30 lbs by March. They are already off to a bad start. Why? Its too big to wrap your mind around of. You go to the gym for a week, step on the scale, and not only did you not loose weight, you GAINED weight. It's discouraging. Then they think, why bother and stop trying. But if instead, you set a goal to go to the gym 3 times the 1st week for 30 minutes, and don't look at the scale. Because, you WILL gain weight. Muscle weighs 4x as much as fat, so if you haven't been working out, that 1st couple of weeks, you are sure to gain weight. But then at the end of that 1at week or 2, set a new goal. Now you go to the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour. The next week, do the same, but lift heavier weights. And you keep building on that. That number on the scale will reflect the work you're putting and and will go down, because you've set smaller goals that aren't overwhelming and you can be successful. 2. If you fail, get back up. So often people fall off the bandwagon 2 or 3 weeks into their resolutions, and that's it. They've failed and it's over. When really, they were just beginning. Havin a day or a week where you didn't accomplish your goals means nothing by the time a year has past. Unless you choose not to get back up. If you don't, that's when you stay exactly where you are at and didn't make it past January. The next year you look back and you're like, well, that was another year of failure, I just can't achieve that goal. But if you get back up, no matter how many times you fail, that's a different story. You will be in a totally different place this time next year. Those times you failed will have taught you something. And even if it doesn't seem like it moment to moment, when you look back on the year, you will see how you made the positive change you wanted and you're now on the path you WANT to be on. 3.  Be willing to put in a lot of hard work. Accomplishing that goals sounds like a pretty thought. But then you start working on it, and at some point it gets hard. You have to decide whether or not you're willing to do that work to accomplish the goal or not. That's why so many people are sitting around "wishing I could loose weight, but I can't". That's not the truth. The truth is, they don't want to add more healthy foods to their diet, or take away more of the less healthy foods, or they don't want to work out 5 or 6 days a week. They want some magic pill or secret that will make them loose weight in an instant. That's not the way it works. Now, their could be some emotional thing holding you back from doing what you set out to do. But that's a different story, and I talk about that in a different blog- "Unmotivated and finding the drive anyways". 


     So, there's the basics of how I achieve a goal. But, that still doesn't explain why I don't set New Years resolutions. It's because I've never understood why I would wait. If I want to do something, I just do it. Why wait until January 1st? I often see people waiting on only making resolutions January 1st, and not doing it the rest of the year. But the thing is, to accomplish goals, we have to practice reaching them. It's hard work to get to a goal. We would never go to the gym January 1st, and no other day of the year, and try to lift the 600lb barbell. It won't work. We'll just fall on our face or strain something, or worse. So, why would we think only setting goals on January 1st would be any different. Seems silly when put that way right? Just like you have to start with 50lbs and the barbell, or maybe not even that much, maybe just the bar, then work up week by week, month by month to the 600lbs. Goal setting works the same way. Learning how to get through the pain of disappointment when things don't go as planned and it takes longer to get there. Learning how to set small enough goals to achieve them, but not so small that you don't feel accomplished at the end. And all of the other things that go into it, take time to learn how to do and build on. So we have to practice regularly, and learn to get back up when we fail. Because sometimes that shame thing kicks in when we fail. But it's ok to be human. Lets stop judging our self so harshly and just pick it back up instead. The other thing is, people often wait until New Years to make resolutions because it's like, oh, it's new years, I now have permission to start something new. But let me tell you something I've learned, you don't need permission to make a decision or to take action. It's ok to just do it! 


Leave a comment, but clicking right below the date, and let me know what your decision is now. I'm excited to hear! :-)

I have no clue what I'm doing 

     I used to live in paralyzing fear. I always did what was asked of me. I always wanted to be viewed as kind, so I bent of backwards to make sure I was. I kept quiet when people told me my voice was no good. I sat in silence when I was told my opinions didn't matter. I wore little to no makeup and plain colors when they said I shouldn't draw attention to myself. I made this mask that I thought the world wanted to see. I thought they would think it was beautiful. But, the truth of the matter is, no matter how much I adorned that mask, it was never good enough. I was never good enough because I was placing my worth on doing a perfect job, and perfect is unattainable. So, even when I did find outlets to express myself, like music and art, it never felt like I was good enough. It felt like I never would be either. 

     One day I decided that mask was too heavy to wear anymore. My neck was breaking, my lungs were collapsing, and I could never measure up. I started wearing a lot of makeup because I found out it was an outlet for me, and so much fun. I started wearing neon colors because they brought me joy. I started studying about the art of tattooing because I found it fascinating. Then, I decided to pursue a dream that I had in high school, but thought I left behind. I decided to pursue my dream of being a professional singer. I felt like a crazy person and had NO clue where to start. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I auditioned for The Voice. Yep, this shy girl transformed into this huge risk taker to go after her passions. 

     So, I was standing there, on the edge of the cliff, dream in hand and ready to jump. The only problem is, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I knew nothing about business, contract negotiations, booking gigs, licensing, speaking or anything else I needed to know to even begin. I hardly knew how to do social media, let alone start creating content and get in front of a camera or set up a website. But, I was going for it anyways. Piece by piece, I figured out how to build a brand and market, a deeper sense of who I was and how to work out my insecurities and be confident, Now I help people overcome shyness whether it be in front of the camera, on stage, or just day to day life. I help people figure why they have this dream and how to navigate through it. I help people figure out who they are, so that when adversary comes against their dreams, and people make negative comments, they can stand tall know they are enough and worth it, instead of carrying those negative comments on their back. I've spent over a decade working on my personal growth with coaches, counselors and other resources. I've spent the last 4 years building a brand and learning how to put out content.  This is how I know I can help anyone reach their dreams who wants it. Also, if I encounter someone who is out of my area of expertise, I have connection I trust to be able to direct them to. Anyone who really wants to work on them selves, anyone who wants to reach their dreams CAN... If they are willing to put in the work. Does this sound like you?

     I know if you're reading this blog, you have a big dream and you're willing to take risks. I know one day, I will see you living out those dreams, and I'm super excited to watch your journey unfold! You got this!

unmotivated and finding the drive anyways 

I spent the morning dawdling. I really didn't feel like doing much today besides scrolling social media and watching stupid videos. But I felt like I needed to get some work done. I'm pretty sure I have some emotional stuf to work out that is causing the lack of motivation. I'm pretty sure I know what they are too. I've worked through some of it, but there's a lot there, so I need to sit down again and work through more. I'm just thankful that I've put the work and training in over the past decade, so I know how to work through it now. Sometimes that doesn't make it any easier to want to do though. Because it makes you face your pain. 


So, I woke up early. I was like, yeah, I got this today. But then a few minutes passed and I was like, no, I don't want to do this today. So I posted a tiktok (yes, from bed. The topic was posting quality content vs worrying so much about how we look. I then proceeded to avoid by messing around on social media. Finally I got up. I did a half hearted work out.  Then I made breakfast and watched Noelle. Went and put makeup on. After I did, I was like, forget it. I'm not doing anything. I got on tiktok and scrolled for a couple minutes. Then IG. As I did, I went and laid on my bed. I ended up watching a Gary Vee video. I watched a minute and was like, ok, I'm gonna get up and go to the coffee shop to write some blogs. But then I decided no. But after watching a few more minutes, I found motivation to do it (without doing it grudgingly too). While I worked out, and on my way to the coffee shop I listened to an audio book. Right now I'm reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. 


So, all this sounds pretty mundane right? Why in the world am I sharing it with you as though you would care? To be vulnerable and show you that I don't always want to do this thing either. I love it, and I'm so fulfilled doing it. But sometimes I need breaks, and sometimes I need to just push through feeling unmotivated. Just like everyone else. 


You see, I've had countless numbers of people tell me they like my piano playing and would love if they were as talented as I am. Or I'm so lucky to be able to do art. Or I wish I could be as confident on camera as you. But I hate the words talent, luck and wish. Yes, to do things like sing and play piano, it does take some level of talent. But here's the thing, It's 10% talent and 90% hard work. When someone says to me "I wish I could sing like you", that means they don't understand that. That's part of the reason I'm writing to blog. I want to shed some light here. 


When you hear me sing, you hear over 20 years and thousands of hours of practice. You're seeing a product of a lot of time and money invested in years of lessons, performances, taking risks, equipment, rejections, performing for 1 or 2 people because no one showed up. When you watch my videos and you see a confident person, you see 4 years of producing video. You're seeing a product of hundreds of failed videos, hundreds of failed ways of putting out content, over 2,000 videos and livestreams done, people telling me I shouldn't be on camera, people telling me I don't have a good voice. But despite that, I do it anyways and I've never given up. Do you get what I'm saying? 


I got good at these things because I have a strong why and a passion. I 'm where I am because I put in the hard work where others haven't been willing. I've faced the fear of failure, I've faced rejection, and those things actually made me BETTER, because I took those opportunities to learn something. I'm still learning and growing, in fact, I always will be. 


I'm not telling you these things to brag though. I'm telling you because I want you to know why I hate the words talent, luck and wish. We only see end results. We see polished products that we love. We don't see all the blood sweat and tears that went into it. The words talent, wish, and luck remove the power from your hands, and puts it in the hands of something you can't control. But the reality is, YOU CAN DO IT. If you are willing to put in the hard work, you can reach your dreams! It has NOTHING to do with wishing, luck and very little to do with talent. So don't give someone else control, instead, be empowered and take a step towards that dream. Even if it's a small step. It's still YOUR step!! And that's why I'm sitting here in Boba For Life, writing this blog when I was struggeling for motivation. I love you, and you are my why. I want to help empower you to go after the things in your life. And I care way too much about you to neglect this just because I'm not feeling motivated! I love you so so much.




behind the scenes- jewelry and content blocks 

I watched a Gary Vee video and he was telling someone to do more documenting to help create more content without feeling burnt out. So, I took the advice, and here are some things I'm doing right now. 


Thanksgiving just happened. We do our thanksgiving the weekend before, so what did I do Thanksgiving? Worked… Yep, I'm loving helping you guys and creating and getting more merch out for you. So Thursday and Friday, I didn't go shopping, I worked. and I have so many messes, I have no place to go. So, I worked on my bed, while my sheets were in the wash. 


I always have a long list of things that need to get done for you guys. I love doing it, but I need structure to do it. How-ever, if I have too much structure, I get frustrated and bored. I need variety. Melissa Leger shared Cara Alwill Leyba's story the other day. She was talking about a time block. It's literally this block with times marked on it. You roll the block to see how much time you'll spend on a project. I took that idea and made my own blocks.

1 has the activity I will do. Like practice singing, create content, work on merch, etc. then there is a block for each side of that one. So, say it land on singing, I have a block that has warm ups and genres. If it lands on content, I have things like tiktok, blog, youtube, etc. So I figure, if I'm feeling like I need some variety, then I can use these and let the blocks decide. I did make a block that have time on it and one that has number of (ie: number of videos, number of songs, etc). That way, if I am feeling unmotivated, I can roll how long I'm going to spend on the activity. I'm guessing I'll be hoping for 15 minutes if I'm feeling unmotivated, but then end up going way longer. Sometimes when we don't want to do something, we can say "it's only" however long, and it makes it easier to start. I'm guessing I'll either end up removing a bunch of the blocks and only using a couple of them, or not use any of them. But we'll see. I haven't used them yet. 


The other thing I did was got merch up on my website.

There's a follower in particular who go excited about my content, googled me and found my site, then got excited about my bandanas. I hadn't been talking about merch because I didn't think people were interested. But now that people are really starting to catch fire of the content I'm putting out, I'm like, I should make more merch available.

So I posted 2 paints I did, 3 necklaces I made, and a bunch of earrings I made. I also made another pair of earrings to put up. Next project is to work on more jewelry and drawings that will go with them. Currently I'm doing all one of a kind, hand made merch.

Eventually I'll branch out into mugs and shirts and what not, because there's no way I could ever keep up with making 100% of the merch myself. Right now I'm taking care of all the supplies, processing and shipping too. Eventually I'll end up outsourcing shipping, because as I grow, I know I won't be able to keep up with it. But for now, it's just me. 


This is a very very small portion of what it takes to run a business as a content creator. But there's a glimpse behind the scenes of what I'm personally doing, and what it takes on the business side of things.

Birthday dreams do come true  

I turned 36 on Saturday. I’ve been working really heard the past 4 years to build something that will help change people’s lives for the good. I’ve gone through SO MUCH personal development over the years, and these past few months have really pushed my limits. So often I see people getting older & hating that they have a birthday. So, I made a decision to celebrate & take myself out. I decided I was going to have the best birthday ever. And that’s exactly what I did. 


I got up super early on my day off so I could workout and do my makeup (because I find SUCH JOY in playing with makeup and all the colors. cobalt blue eyeliner is my favorite and my go to). As I picked my outfit out, I was like, ok, what’s going to bring me joy? I immediately thought of my red plaid rain boots. It's snowing, so snow boots would be better, but I smile when I even think of these rainboots, so I wore them anyways. I love them because I love Scotland SO MUCH!!!! That made me think of my pink plaid scarf I bought in a thrift store in Scotland last year (I went on that trip 100% alone btw!). I was like, well, that's not warm enough. So, instead of forgoing putting on this scarf I wanted to wear that brings me joy, I just put a blanket scarf on over it. Then socks... I have to laugh. Immediately I knew I wanted to wear my bright neon rainbow socks. But I have 2 pairs, and couldn't decide which pair to wear. So, what did I do? I put one of each on. I have boots on, so no one sees that they don't match my outfit or even eachother. (Frankly, even if they could see, does it really matter?). But bright, neon rainbow colors make me happy, and I know they are there! I also wear a lot of bandanas tied in my hair. I found a happy birthday bandana and wanted to wear that since it's my birthday. But, I also knew I'd get cold outside if I didn't wear my hat. So, my solution. bring a beanie with me, and put it on over the bandana when I need it, and take it off when I don't! 

I took myself out to IHOP and had an amazing breakfast. Eating breakfast out is something I never do, so it was such a treat! This guy was in there asking people for money, giving a sob story about his car & loosing his wallet. He pretty much fired off EVERY red flag. The interesting thing I noticed though, he asked me for help, but never asked for money. He asked every other person in there for a specific amount of money, but not me. I believe it's because he saw this woman, makeup done and looks put together, confident enough to sit tall, and go out to breakfast alone and he was intimidated/scared of me.  He was so nervous talking to me he couldn't stand still and he pulled his phone out of his pocket with his hands shaking. (once he was kicked out, the waitresses said he'd been in there saying the same thing before. In fact, he was on the news one day for something similar). 


I left, and went for a walk in the park. Smiling and giggling all the way because I was so happy with the delicious meal I just had, and the interactions with the waitress and family behind me I had! Also, I love going on walks/hikes in nature.(something I do regularly as self care). I then proceeded to go to the post office and mail out merch for a follower. That was an extra special way to celebrate my birthday, because that was my first merch order! And I hadn't told anyone on the platform she found me on that I made any merch (in fact, I’ve only spoke of it 1 time on IG). She was so happy with my content & how it was helping her, she googled me, found my website, saw my merch and made an order for a Christmas present! I was BLOWN AWAY! Such a huge celebration there. Impacting people is my goal, so I was soaring when I found out I met my goal!! After, I did a little Christmas shopping. 

Then I sat in a local coffee shop, drinking a pumpkin spice pop bubble tea, typing/creating content and editing. I'm working hard, yet could not be happier. There is nothing I love more than putting out content that is truly helping people change their life in a positive way and reach their dreams! Before 11am, that was already turning out to be one of the best birthdays I've ever had!! 


So, what's my point? WHY am I sharing this with you?? Because I'm hoping it inspires you. All these weird quirks about me that bring me joy (like Scotland, and neon colors), do you know these things about yourself? Would you do something that most people wouldn't do but brings you joy (like wear a scarf you love, but to go outside, put another scarf on also), or would you stop yourself because it's weird? When you know who you are and you’re working on your dreams, you can live your best life and be SO SO HAPPY! ANYONE can do this! And the beauty of it is, you are living your best life alone, or with other people. I can't tell you how many times in the past, I didn't know who I was, so I would be in a room full of people, yet still feel alone & uncomfortable. But I'm confident in who I am now, so it doesn't matter if other people are around me or not. I used to be so uncomfortable in myself, and so full of fear that I was ridiculously shy and pretty much wouldn't talk to people. Now I sit here, so confident in who I am and loving life, that I'm actually teaching others how to dream big and take action! I've done things I never dreamed I could as a shy person (like, auditioning for the voice, or going to Scotland alone) because I chose not to let fear have control anymore. YOU CAN TOO (if you haven't yet)!!!