Few people have the courage to chase after their big dream. Brixenta is one of those few. Originally from Illinois, she was drawn to the flute at the age of 9 and from then on fell in love with music. The beauty, mystery, wonder and expression of music touched her in a way that she wanted to share with others. 


Dreaming of one day becoming a professional singer like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, as the years went on, her biggest idol became Celine Dion. However, after her high school graduation, fears crept in and overwhelmed her. At first she decided to leave her pursuit of music, but by the age of 21 she pursued music again, nevertheless leaving her big dream of stardom in the past. 


For the next ten years Brixenta was able to pursue music with opportunities in church,¬†prayer groups and bible studies, as well as learn and work with some musicians within the¬†churches she attended in Illinois, then in Kansas City. At age 31, Brixenta decided to¬†release her fears and hit the ground running towards her dream. That‚Äôs when ‚Äú Dream Big ‚Ä̬†became her motto to live by and to share with others.¬†


During the time of leaving her fears behind, She decided to change her name to Brixenta. Her middle name, means victory of the people. She wanted to stick with that theme and pick something meaning victorious. She did so because she wanted to claim herself, and those that follow her as victorious. Brixenta stems from the name Bixenta, which is a Basque name, meaning victory. 


 Since then, she has worked with brilliant coaches, an italian conductor, done several performances and continues to grow with the help of amazingly talented individuals in the industry. Today, Brixenta has graced many ears with the sound of her sweet voice and has been compared to artists such as Sheryl Crow, Adele and Sara Bareilles.


Brixenta also developed a passion for other artistic skills in painting, drawing and visual arts. She is also a one-of-a-kind temporary tattoo artist, focused on creating art pieces very similar to permanent tattoos. 


Right now, she is continuing her studies to learn even more about the industry and the business opportunities within. She is also working on new music recordings and her online presence, as she expands her repertoire so she can reach a wider audience and perform more extensively, sharing her gifts with the world.