Portal pals started a band

NFT music available now

Sasha Wanted to single silly songs and encourage the world ! So she coaxed Ty and pal 3 to start a band with her. Click the button below to listen to their music!


Happy new year 2022

Felicity is brand new to the adoption center. She is fun loving and loves adventure. She named her doll Betty because she’s a huge fan of Betty White  and misses her. Only available for adoption through the month of January.


The star of the center

Meet Sasha. She’s got sass, she’s got flare and she’s great in the spotlight. Her enthusiasm and love for life is contagious. Sometimes she gets herself into trouble because  she likes to explore and get into things. But her kind heart and cuddly nature makes her lovable.

Pal 1

What will you name them?

This pal came here with no name. They are a bit scared, but I think once they are adopted into your home, they will warm up to you, and you’ll start to see their personality.

Pal 2

What will you name them?

This pal came here with no name. They are a really shy at first, but once they warm up to you, they they are super sweet and loyal. I think the more you get to know them, the more you’ll see their personality.

Pal 3

What will you name them?

This pal came here with no name. They are really outgoing and loves excitement. They may take a little work to get them calm.  It they are great for those who love adventure!

Pal 4

What will you name it?

This pal came with no name. They are cuddley and love reading books. They are looking for someone to read books with and they are hoping it’s you! What will you name them?


Computer geek

Norah is honest, almost to a fault and loves computers. She’s fascinated by block chains and being an orphan isn’t stopping her determination to succeed.


Never give up

Ty is quiet. They have been through quite a lot in their life. They never get in trouble, but we’ve had a hard time getting them to open up. Maybe you can have success in that. 


Secret keeper

Peter goes by Petey with his closest friends. He’s the one you can always count on and is the best at keeping secrets. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones he does have, they tell each other absolutely everything.