remodeling the house we call our hearts

 Today I'm excited! I just went for a walk by the water and had a productive morning. I'm not sitting at my favorite place to work… A bubble tea shop. I ordered a taro passion fruit popping boba milk tea, and cheese momo (update- it's a dumpling. If you like pasta you'd probably really enjoy it. I just thought it was ok, as I'm not that big on pasta). I don't really know what momo is, but I wanted bubble tea while I write this blog. So, I'm trying something new! I absolutely love Christmas, and that is why I'm excited… It's December 7th and I have a day full of Christmas!! I'm going to watch White Christmas at the movie theater, then I'm going out of town to watch a tree lighting ceremony, get some peppermint hot chocolate, go on a carriage ride, do a castle tour (that's decorated for Christmas). After that, I'll have dinner and get some more work done. Depending on how tired I am, I might also watch Elf. We'll see on that one (update, I did not watch Elf). 


     I had a group of friends that were going to go, but plans changed, and I'm alone all day. But I'm still so happy. I can spend time, not just alone…but out and about doing activities along, and be incredibly happy because I put over a decade of work in to self improvement. Because of that, I've been able to help a multitude of people do things like conquer stage fright, dare to pick up dreams they thought they left behind, feel their worth and more. But sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm doing enough. Sometimes those people come up to me and tell me how much I helped them, and it's hard to say thank you, because I'm like, I didn't do anything, you did it all. 


     It's like someone sees me polishing my ruby, then they're like, ooooo. That's so shiny, I'm going to try that technique to polish my emerald! They do it and, and it makes it shinier. They thank e for inspiring them to do it, and I'm like, I didn't do anything. I don't know what you are talking about, it was all you, I don't see I had a part in it at all. 


     When I've done this, it's because I'm looking at the trash can overflowing with junk in the garage. That trash being all my mistakes and failures. And I'm sitting there going, yeah, you think I'm great because you don't really know me. You haven't seen the garage yet. If you really knew all of me, you would think less of this technique, and maybe even not want to use it anymore, because you would see all the trash.  But in reality, I put in over a decade to gut my house, remodel and get rid of trash. God collected that trash, and it's no longer even in the trash can, He burned it. What I'm seeing is just a memory, and I' the only one that sees it. I may still have some trash here and there because I still make mistakes, but that trash can never fills up anymore. Because I know how to get rid of it, and I do regular upkeep so it doesn't fill up. Trash is never laying around the house anymore. So people are watching me through clean windows, or coming into my house and see clearly, because they are no longer having to look over the piles of trash, or go through a maze of construction. There's no more dirt and debris clouding the windows. There's only memories of remodeling. No one else can see those memories (unless they were helping with the remodel). So all they see is this because ruby being polished and the technique I'm using to make it shine so bright. And they see the gorgeous house I'm doing it in. All I need to do is turn around, and stop looking at the trash can in the garage, and just enjoy what I'm doing now, and the people around me. 


                                          (There's a Nutcracker in the window)

     You  made it through this blog, so I know that means you are willing to do that hard work to get your house in order. And let me tell you, that house is beautiful, and the process of remodeling is a beautiful thing as well!

                                            castle built in the 1800's


                                       The dining room ceiling. the dark is wood, and the light is hand painted to look like wood!

                                      The dining room chairs were purchased from Monks.


                                           Kitchen recently remodeled, but the put all their appliances inside of cabinets. This is the fridge.

                                             The living room was decorated to look like after the party with 1/2 eaten cookies, and intimates strewn about.



                                        Little gazebo. This land is large enough that it has TWO trains, one for kids, one for adults!


                                          Saw this on my way to the tree lighting ceremony


                                         Waiting for the tree lighting ceremony to start was a beautiful sunset.

                                               The band played. The tuba had a big red bow, and the drums were decorated with colorful lights!

                                                   On my way to the carriage ride. This business knocked it out of the park!


 I hope you enjoyed that little adventure of time travel with me! Thank you for staying until the end!!


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