Birthday dreams do come true

I turned 36 on Saturday. I’ve been working really heard the past 4 years to build something that will help change people’s lives for the good. I’ve gone through SO MUCH personal development over the years, and these past few months have really pushed my limits. So often I see people getting older & hating that they have a birthday. So, I made a decision to celebrate & take myself out. I decided I was going to have the best birthday ever. And that’s exactly what I did. 


I got up super early on my day off so I could workout and do my makeup (because I find SUCH JOY in playing with makeup and all the colors. cobalt blue eyeliner is my favorite and my go to). As I picked my outfit out, I was like, ok, what’s going to bring me joy? I immediately thought of my red plaid rain boots. It's snowing, so snow boots would be better, but I smile when I even think of these rainboots, so I wore them anyways. I love them because I love Scotland SO MUCH!!!! That made me think of my pink plaid scarf I bought in a thrift store in Scotland last year (I went on that trip 100% alone btw!). I was like, well, that's not warm enough. So, instead of forgoing putting on this scarf I wanted to wear that brings me joy, I just put a blanket scarf on over it. Then socks... I have to laugh. Immediately I knew I wanted to wear my bright neon rainbow socks. But I have 2 pairs, and couldn't decide which pair to wear. So, what did I do? I put one of each on. I have boots on, so no one sees that they don't match my outfit or even eachother. (Frankly, even if they could see, does it really matter?). But bright, neon rainbow colors make me happy, and I know they are there! I also wear a lot of bandanas tied in my hair. I found a happy birthday bandana and wanted to wear that since it's my birthday. But, I also knew I'd get cold outside if I didn't wear my hat. So, my solution. bring a beanie with me, and put it on over the bandana when I need it, and take it off when I don't! 

I took myself out to IHOP and had an amazing breakfast. Eating breakfast out is something I never do, so it was such a treat! This guy was in there asking people for money, giving a sob story about his car & loosing his wallet. He pretty much fired off EVERY red flag. The interesting thing I noticed though, he asked me for help, but never asked for money. He asked every other person in there for a specific amount of money, but not me. I believe it's because he saw this woman, makeup done and looks put together, confident enough to sit tall, and go out to breakfast alone and he was intimidated/scared of me.  He was so nervous talking to me he couldn't stand still and he pulled his phone out of his pocket with his hands shaking. (once he was kicked out, the waitresses said he'd been in there saying the same thing before. In fact, he was on the news one day for something similar). 


I left, and went for a walk in the park. Smiling and giggling all the way because I was so happy with the delicious meal I just had, and the interactions with the waitress and family behind me I had! Also, I love going on walks/hikes in nature.(something I do regularly as self care). I then proceeded to go to the post office and mail out merch for a follower. That was an extra special way to celebrate my birthday, because that was my first merch order! And I hadn't told anyone on the platform she found me on that I made any merch (in fact, I’ve only spoke of it 1 time on IG). She was so happy with my content & how it was helping her, she googled me, found my website, saw my merch and made an order for a Christmas present! I was BLOWN AWAY! Such a huge celebration there. Impacting people is my goal, so I was soaring when I found out I met my goal!! After, I did a little Christmas shopping. 

Then I sat in a local coffee shop, drinking a pumpkin spice pop bubble tea, typing/creating content and editing. I'm working hard, yet could not be happier. There is nothing I love more than putting out content that is truly helping people change their life in a positive way and reach their dreams! Before 11am, that was already turning out to be one of the best birthdays I've ever had!! 


So, what's my point? WHY am I sharing this with you?? Because I'm hoping it inspires you. All these weird quirks about me that bring me joy (like Scotland, and neon colors), do you know these things about yourself? Would you do something that most people wouldn't do but brings you joy (like wear a scarf you love, but to go outside, put another scarf on also), or would you stop yourself because it's weird? When you know who you are and you’re working on your dreams, you can live your best life and be SO SO HAPPY! ANYONE can do this! And the beauty of it is, you are living your best life alone, or with other people. I can't tell you how many times in the past, I didn't know who I was, so I would be in a room full of people, yet still feel alone & uncomfortable. But I'm confident in who I am now, so it doesn't matter if other people are around me or not. I used to be so uncomfortable in myself, and so full of fear that I was ridiculously shy and pretty much wouldn't talk to people. Now I sit here, so confident in who I am and loving life, that I'm actually teaching others how to dream big and take action! I've done things I never dreamed I could as a shy person (like, auditioning for the voice, or going to Scotland alone) because I chose not to let fear have control anymore. YOU CAN TOO (if you haven't yet)!!!

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